Centrifugal biochemical
diagnostic microfluidic chip  

This chip is particularly suitable for the high-throughput analysis of blood-gas, electrolyte, biochemical and blood,
it can be used for the detection of PH, PCO2, PO2, HCO2, TCO2, SO2, Na+, Ka+, Ca++, Glu, Hct, Hb, etc. 

Rapid extraction and
direct detection 

The chip has a unique microfluidic structure designed to automatically and rapidly separate the plasma from the blood cells. Allow the direct detection of the whole blood sample. 

Accurate and quick test
in just 15 minutes  

The test process is less than 15 minutes on this rapid platform which can provide a strong support for diagnosis and treatment.
The chip achieves up to 98% repetition consistency and provides a solid foundation for accurate measurement. 

High-throughput design of hermetic chip 

In the process of running, this hermetic chip can realize multiple sample detection on single chip and multiple index detection of single sample. This design also saves precious reagents by reduce the consumption of a single test reagent from 50μL to 5μL.