Glass chip

Glass chip advantages:

1. High processing efficiency (10min/piece)
2. The bottom surface Ra is low, Ra<15nm
3. Low cost
4. Minimum processing size <6μm
5. No pollution 
The glass micro-molding process unique to light greatly reduces the production cost of glass chips and provides you with more competitive glass chips.

The glass microfluidic chip mainly has the following characteristics

1. High chemical inertness;
2. High light transmission, direct observation of chemical or cellular reactions;
3. High temperature resistance and high resistance, can be separated by high pressure electrophoresis;
4. Good mechanical stability, the transportation of liquid in the micro-channel can be achieved by high hydrostatic pressure.

Therefore, the glass microfluidic chip has better performance than the polymer chip. 

Chip topography
Cell counting plate glass chip (d=2μm)

Chip topography
Focus & Cell Sorting Glass Chip (d=62μm)

Glass topography
Diffusion Mixer Chip (d=40μm)

Glass topography
Glass Diffusion Mixer Chip liquid test

Step-type micro-scale glass chip, minimum size 10μm, step height controllable