Microfluidic Products  

Our products includes microfluidic chips, polymer substrates and biomedical supplies. Price for each product is listed in detail. We provide six standard Microfluidic Chips: straight channel chip, H-shaped channel chip, single channel droplet generator, diffusion micro mixer and microfluidic flow focusing & cell sorting chip and Square-cross-section microelectrophoresis chip. We also supply accessories to work with the standard chips such as chip holders, chip fixture, pipe fittings and other accessories. The polymer substrates we provide includes two shapes: wafer shape or rectangular shape. Our cell counting slide is designed for accurate counting of red blood cell, white cell, platelet or other cells. Material for these products consists of PMMA, PS, PC, COC and COP. You can refer to appendix for detail information. If you have special requirement, please contact us.

Standard Microfluidic Chips    

Accessories for Standard Chips

Standard Polymer Substrates