Microinjection Molding

Polymer Microfluidics Mass Production 
 And Foundry Solution 

A laser beam can produce extremely high energy density in a few square microns after focusing, which can lead any known materials (including diamond) locally melted or vaporized. Since it is heating locally, the thermal deformation generating in sealed components are negligible. Room temperature sealing can be achieved. 

Laser bonding 

Thermocompression bonding 

The thermocompression bonding technique is one of the key techniques in fabricating microfluidic components, and it can achieve excellent performance. However, if the bonding parameters are selected inappropriately, it can lead to severe deformation of microfluidic channel and damage the fabricated microstructure. In some cases, it can even block the microfluidic channel. We can achieve bonding of different materials, such as PS, PMMA and COP. By using optical microscope and liquidity testing equipment for flow channel, we can accurately evaluate the performance of the bonded components