Produced by HICOMP
Self-driven immunofluorescent microfluidic system  

The chips are benefited from three core technologies of HICOMP: advanced microfluidics design, Micro-injection molding,
Surface modification and protein immobilization. 

Product features

The sample is automatically drived without any external power, which is especially suitable to the detection of antigen-antibody reaction.
Small volume of whole blood/plasma samples
Real-time, convenient, POCT;
Separation of injection, reaction and detection;
Self-driven, free of external drive;
Immunofluorescence quantitative detection with high precision; 

Main test items

troponin (CTNI), myoglobin (MYO), creatine kinase-MB (CK-MB), brain natriuretic peptide (BNP), D-Dimer, immunoglobulin (IgG/ IgM/ IgE), C-reactive protein (CRP) etc.

Technical Service

Microfluidics is a next-generation diagnostics technology that allows us to automatically complete analyses by integrating basic actions on tiny chips measuring just a few square centimeters such as pre-treatment, reaction, separation, and detection in dealing with chemical samples, and cell culture growing, sorting, and lysis in life science.

Chip Design

1.High accuracy
2.Miniature Reader
3.High throughput
4.Low reagent consumption
5.Low sample consumption
6.No cross contamination 

Micro-injection molding

HICOMP masters cutting-edge mold technologies  including core process and strategies for  microinjection molding. HICOMP provides trans-dimension microinjection molding products  with micro channel,
 reservoir and other complicated
3D microstructures. 

Surface modification and protein immobilization

HICOMP provides chip surface quick modification  including long-life-time hydrophobic/hydrophilic
surfaces, and sample embedding with chip sealing